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Holistic Tikun a Hotel, A Restaurant and a Sustainable garden with the perfect Yoga Classes, Wellness Services, and the healthiest food. Our Sanctuary is a peaceful oasis for those seeking to immerse themselves in the restorative benefits of nature and experience rejuvenating therapies, Yoga retreat, and just some fun in the second reef biggest in the world, Cozumel, Mexico. 

Yoga Retreats, Yoga and Diving Retreats | Massage, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Sweat Lodge

| Private Yoga Classes | Edible Jungle | Native Stingless Bee Sanctuary

A massage is just like a movie, really relaxing and a total escape, except in a massage you’re the star. And you don’t miss anything by falling asleep! 



Let the needles move your Chi, Energy, to restore and balance any physical or emotional blockage to arrive at a state of FLOW


Slow movements and deep pressure are applied across muscles and connective tissue. With the aim to bring physical REALIGNMENT.


Osteopathy involves moving, stretching, and massaging a person's muscles and joints in order to identify, treat, and prevent health issues.

Somwehere deeper into Holistic Tikun 

The Oasis

Take a break from vacation and jump into our unique pool

There’s no better way to enjoy the warm outdoors than in the water. An intimate space for you to enjoy

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Stingless Bee Sanctuary

Our Stingless Bee Sanctuary will amuse your past bee sting

Have you ever heard of Stingless bee? Yeah, what you read, bees that don't sting. The Melipna bee has been for ages a symbol, and considered a goddess to the Mayan people. Come and learn about this unique, about to extinct species.
we are waiting for you!

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Our Temazcal - Sweat-Lodge

Sweat Your Prayers

With a pure intention, and a driven heart, you will enter in this amazing space, the temazcal. You will leave with a sense of renewal, and clarity

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Garden' Herbal Tea Infusion

Enjoy from the Relaxing and Healthy Benefits of Drinking lemongrass, Melissa, Oregano Tea 

Our passion for nature has driven us to grow amazing herbs with different benefits, lemongrass, melissa, oregano and more.This helps us in supporting digestion,  reducing inflamation, and balancing the hyperactive sympathetic system.

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Image by Aniketh Kanukurthi


"I went to Holistic Tikun at a very delicate moment in my life. I needed to clear my mind, find peace and recharge. In 6 days that my stay lasted and thanks to the regenerative meals, the excellent Yoga and Qi Qong classes, the magic of the delicately cared for jungle-gardens, the affection of all the staff, the tranquility, cleanliness and security of the place, I was able to achieve what I had in mind: I came out a new person, totally recharged with light and peace, with a new perspective on life. It has been an experience that I will always remember fondly."

Yolanda Diaz | 6 Yoga Wellness Retreat | 07.22

"What a wonderful laid-back island experience. I did a yoga and scuba retreat, my lodgings and all meals were perfectly to my liking. The smoothie bowls and the vegan dinners were wonderful. I enjoyed the richness of the yoga practice as well as the two massages very very much! Overall I left feeling rejuvenated, just what a retreat is meant to do."

Christina Jager | 6 Yoga & Diving Retreat | 02.22

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Biomagnetism therapy
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