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Holistic Tikun is your intimate wellness retreat in Cozumel, Mexico. Immerse yourself in the restorative benefits of nature, experience rejuvenating therapies, and indulge in our world-class Yoga classes, wellness services, and wholesome cuisine. Join us for a transformative retreat or day of wellness in our peaceful oasis, amidst the stunning natural beauty of the second largest reef in the world.

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Sweat Lodge Ceremony | Private Yoga Classes | Edible Jungle | Native Stingless Bee Sanctuary



A natural way to reduce pain, relieve stress, and promote wellness by regulating the body's energy flow. Safe and gentle treatment practiced for thousands of years.


Rejuvenating treatment that reaches the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, releasing chronic tension and promoting relaxation. An effective way to alleviate pain, reduce stress, and improve mobility.


Holistic approach to healthcare that uses gentle manual techniques to manipulate the musculoskeletal system, improving mobility, relieving pain, and restoring balance to the body. Safe and effective treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Somwehere deeper into Holistic Tikun 

The Oasis

Take a break from vacation and jump into our unique pool

There’s no better way to enjoy the warm outdoors than in the water. An intimate space for you to enjoy

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Stingless Bee Sanctuary

Our Stingless Bee Sanctuary will amuse your past bee sting

Have you ever heard of Stingless bee? Yeah, what you read, bees that don't sting. The Melipna bee has been for ages a symbol, and considered a goddess to the Mayan people. Come and learn about this unique, about to extinct species.
we are waiting for you!

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Our Temazcal - Sweat-Lodge

Sweat Your Prayers

With a pure intention, and a driven heart, you will enter in this amazing space, the temazcal. You will leave with a sense of renewal, and clarity

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Garden' Herbal Tea Infusion

Enjoy from the Relaxing and Healthy Benefits of Drinking lemongrass, Melissa, Oregano Tea 

Our passion for nature has driven us to grow amazing herbs with different benefits, lemongrass, melissa, oregano and more.This helps us in supporting digestion,  reducing inflamation, and balancing the hyperactive sympathetic system.

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Image by Aniketh Kanukurthi


I cant recommend this enough. I had 6 days of bliss! A beautiful landscape and gardens. Ability to bike anywhere easily (the island has a 5 star bike path). Yael and her family will prepare nourishing meals with love.
Book this experience, it is not To be missed out in!

Yolanda Diaz Anastasia Brewer | 6 Yoga Wellness Retreat | 03.23

I rarely write reviews but have been composing this one in my head for days. I’m just home after having the privilege of spending 5 days at holistic tikun along with 3 dear friends. I had high hopes for this trip but/and my expectations were wildly surpassed. The holistic tikun family of Yael, Nati and Daniela took us into their sanctuary and treated us like precious gems. The 3 hours of yoga/meditation each day was taught by a variety of extremely talented teacher who brought phenomenal energy. Each night we asked for massages and a glorious team of women would arrive with their tables and massage us in the palapa as we listed to the birds sing and felt the warm wind softly blow. One of the most touching experiences was the sweat lodge ceremony led by Vainia (I’m sorry to misspell her name!). I had never done anything like it before and had no idea how moving and thought-provoking the experience would be. We ended our trip with Yael, Nati and Daniela hugging us like family and blowing kisses from their front porch as we left. Best and most restorative vacation ever.

Susan Fiorella | 6 Yoga & Diving Retreat | 02.23

Yoga retreat in mexico
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Yoga retreat in mexico
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Biomagnetism therapy
Yoga retreat in mexico: breakfast
Yoga retreat in mexico
Yoga retreat in mexico
Yoga retreat in mexico with treatments- acupanture
Yoga retreat in mexico
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