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"Opening the Breath of the Soul."




3 Days


About the Course

This is a 3-day (2 nights) intensive experiential seminar called "Opening the Breath of the Soul," led by Daniela Abravanel and Marco Cestari in Fosnovo (MS), Tuscany. The seminar will take place in a mystical place in the heart of nature and benefits from the light and air of the sea, located about 15 km from Marina di Carrara and 15 km from the beautiful Ligurian village of Lerici.

Participants will be led through practices of dance, painting, calligraphy, chanting, and Hebrew prayers, with the aim of experiencing Kabbalah and Sufism, ancient traditions passed down through generations that have preserved authentic wisdom and universal methods of awareness and inner rebalancing. The program of work consists of two mutually integrated paths: Chanting and the Past, Presence through Chanting, Jewish and Shamanic Prayer with Daniela Abravanel, and the Awakening of Strength and Consciousness with Kabbalist and Sufi Experiential Practices with Marco Cestari.

Through a free and open approach to different teachings and traditions, Marco Cestari introduces meditative and experiential practices to become aware of one's potential, express maximum creativity, and free oneself from preconceptions about one's limitations. The purpose of the work is to bring participants closer to their essence of bodily feeling and what animates them, and to release the breath of the soul in its essence and wholeness. A variety of related techniques from the Kabbalist and Sufi traditions will be used, based on breathwork, movement, traditional vocalization techniques, calligraphy, and alchemical painting of the Sacred Letters, and Sufi Mevlana dance.

Participants will also learn about and practice Jewish ecstasy strategies, both in terms of nutrition, body care, nature, the elements, seasons, and directions. They will experience firsthand the profound parallels between the practice of Qi Gong and the prayer postures and movements of the Jewish tradition.

Overall, the seminar aims to provide practical exercises for individual experiences of great cleansing, rebalancing, and transformation of inner feeling, and bring participants closer to their essence of bodily feeling and the innate divine message and wisdom in their bodies.

Your Instructor

Marco Cestari

Daniela graduated in Philosophy in Italy, in Counseling and Family therapy, and in Somatic Depth psychology in California, studied TCM at Five Branches (Santa Cruz), and is the author of 5 books on health and spirituality. She is the founder of Holistic Tikun, a center for Healing on the island of Cozumel. She has facilitated various workshops with prominent scholars and artists in the field of Kabbalah in Israel, Italy, and Mexico. Daniela offers online courses and retreats based on her 40 years of a spiritual quest - guiding her audience through the unexpected parallels between Tao shamanism and Kabbalah.

Marco Cestari
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