The team that will serve and support you in your journey

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Founder, Archetypal Astrologist

Triple Masters degrees - Philosophy,  Counseling and Family Therapy, Somatic Depth Psychology - author of six books, fluent in five languages, she shares teachings on the subject of healing through the 5 elements, kabbalah and alchemy, and offers psychological support through counseling, somatic-depth psychology and astrological archetypal psychology.

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Yoga Instructor

Lorna has been a Yoga instructor since 2016, with experience in private classes and groups, children, seniors and high performance athletes. Creativity in her teaching stems from being a graphic designer before. She teaches vinyasa, hatha, beginner yoga, meditation, alignment, and the philosophy of yoga as a healing technique.

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Acupuncturist, Biomagentist

Born and raised in Spain, she studied different massage techniques, biomagnetism, kinesiology, bach flowers, and shiatsu, among others. Chinese medicine made her understand in a deeper sense that the human being is a correlated being; Body, mind, emotions and spirit. She is always striving to learn and loves to serve others.



Manager, Stingless Beekeeper

Through his travels he studied many things, including film production, psychology, but more than anything ecology is his passion. Having met so many worlds he understood that nothing is more important than living in harmony with everything else; humans, animals, insects, and plants; to unite in our sameness and to celebrate our differences.



Yoga Instructor, Sweat lodge guide

Master Yoga Agni Ma focused on Raja Yoga and Prenatal Yoga, began with her personal practice in 2010 and a few years ago she got certified to be able to share this wellness practice and enjoy the benefits of the practice of yoga.

Vania has also studied and guided for various years another ancient tradition, the sweatlodge, which aims to harmonize and renew our physical, emotional and spiritual self.

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Osteopath, Chiropractor

He started as a chiropractor, but his passion for healing led him to keep on studying and become an osteopath. He also trains kids in schools and athletes, icluding Mexico's Olympiad's representative in WindSurf