Founded in 2017, Holistic Tikun is the first Holistic Center on the island of Cozumel, with the goal of fostering creativity, healing, and ecology.


Aware of the problems that this island’s flora and fauna are facing due to habitat loss and pollution, and those caused by blind consumerism elsewhere, we decided to:

  • Create an organic edible ecosystem that can provide for us and our guests

  • Preserve and reproduce plants and trees that support local species, including birds, butterflies, bees.

  • Rescue stingless bees from areas in deforestation

  • Use renewable energies


In order for true healing to take place, all variables should be at your favor.
Environment: Our palapa for activities and therapies is surrounded by a beautiful green tropical landscape, with many local birds, flowers, and butterflies.

Nutrition: we serve nutritious & delicious fresh organic food.

Holistic: After years of a 360-degree research on holistic, traditional and natural healing strategies, we created an infrastructure where people can choose one or more therapies & classes which can better work for them, from acupuncture to acroyoga, to sweatlodge and kabbalah, and more.


“From the living fountain of instinct flows everything that is creative; hence the unconscious is the very source of the creative impulse.” (Carl G. Jung)


Creativity is the language of the soul. Whether facilitating rebirthing and dancing in the sea, joining a drum or circle, a vibrational singing session, or painting, we aim to reconnect our clients to their intuition and subconscious: the deepest source of healing.

Our workshops and therapies are directed to help our unconscious to become our inner guide, and not a source of compulsive behaviours.

Serving with love visitors and the community since 2018

San Miguel de Cozumel Island, Mexico

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