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Founder, Director, Ancestral Psychologist

Gemma, Founder and Director of Holistic Tikun, is an Ancestral Psychologist with a rich background in various fields. With triple Master's degrees in Philosophy, Counseling and Family Therapy, and Somatic Depth Psychology, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her work. Gemma is also an accomplished author, having written six books, and is fluent in five languages. Her expertise extends to teachings on healing through the 5 elements, Kabbalah, and alchemy. In addition to her scholarly pursuits, Gemma offers psychological support through counseling, somatic-depth psychology, and astrological archetypal psychology. She is committed to facilitating healing and self-transformation through the holistic approach provided by the Tikun Holistic Center, located on the serene Cozumel Island.



CoFounder, Manager,

Yoga & Qi Instructor

Yael is a wonderful instructor, who teaches with care, attention to the yogi’s breath, and she has always been supportive to the students, adjusting their posture and facilitating the process of focus and connection of body and mind. She varies between vinyasa flow, yin yoga, Sampoerna yoga, QiGong and yoga fusion and more.  Yael learnt with Ofer Rosenthal, Bryan Kest and Saul David Raye.

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Acupuncturist, Biomagentist

Born and raised in Spain, she studied different massage techniques, biomagnetism, kinesiology, bach flowers, and shiatsu, among others. Chinese medicine made her understand in a deeper sense that the human being is a correlated being; Body, mind, emotions and spirit. She is always striving to learn and loves to serve others.

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Reina have been learning about and practicing holistic medicine since 1985. She has studied a range of modalities and always adds to her professional knowledge. She is a true master in deep tissue massage, specialist in prenatal massage, hot stones, herbal immersion, facials and more.  



CoFounder, Director,

Native Beekeeper

Through his travels he studied many things, including film production, psychology, but more than anything ecology is his passion. Having met so many worlds he understood that nothing is more important than living in harmony with everything else; humans, animals, insects, and plants; to unite in our sameness and to celebrate our differences.



Yoga Instructor, Sweat lodge guide

Master Yoga Agni Ma focused on Raja Yoga and Prenatal Yoga, began with her personal practice in 2010 and a few years ago she got certified to be able to share this wellness practice and enjoy the benefits of the practice of yoga.

Vania has also studied and guided for various years another ancient tradition, the sweatlodge, which aims to harmonize and renew our physical, emotional and spiritual self.

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Osteopath, Chiropractor

He started as a chiropractor, but his passion for healing led him to keep on studying and become an osteopath. He also trains kids in schools and athletes, icluding Mexico's Olympiad's representative in WindSurf

Founded in 2017,

Holistic Tikun is the first Holistic Center on the island of Cozumel,

with the goal of fostering creativity, healing, and ecology.

​A place you can call home. A place for you to connect to your authentic self, be in a supportive environment, and find a sense of peace, joy, and oneness. 


In order for true healing to take place, all variables should be at your favor.
Environment: Our palapa for activities and therapies is surrounded by a beautiful green tropical landscape, with many local birds, hummingbirds, flowers, and butterflies.

Nutrition: we serve nutritious & delicious fresh organic food.

Holistic: After years of 360-degree research on holistic, traditional, and natural healing strategies, we created an infrastructure where people can choose one or more therapies & classes which can better work for them, from acupuncture to acroyoga, to sweatlodge and kabbalah, and more.



“From the living fountain of instinct flows everything that is creative; hence the unconscious is the very source of the creative impulse.” (Carl G. Jung)


Creativity is the language of the soul. Whether facilitating rebirthing and dancing in the sea, joining a drum or circle, a vibrational singing session, or painting, we aim to reconnect our clients to their intuition and subconscious: the deepest source of healing.

Our workshops and therapies are directed to help our unconscious to become our inner guide, and not a source of compulsive behaviours.

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Aware of the problems that this island’s flora and fauna are facing due to habitat loss and pollution, and those caused by blind consumerism elsewhere, we decided to:

  • Create an organic edible ecosystem that can provide for us and our guests

  • Preserve and reproduce plants and trees that support local species, including birds, butterflies, bees.

  • Rescue stingless bees from areas in deforestation

  • Use renewable energies

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"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And being only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?" 

Hillel the Elder

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