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Our Most Relaxing Offerings

Deep Tissue Massage


Osteopathy & Chiropractic


Archetypal/Transgenerational Psychology

Quantum Genius - Diagnosis & Rebalance

Holistic Tikun offers a comprehensive collection of treatments and services to bring tranquility, calm and relaxation into your life. Our team of therapists has been hand-picked to ensure a warm, welcoming experience with a holistic approach. See the selection of services we offer below.

Deep tissue massage

Our revitalizing deep tissue massage incorporates a variety of healing techniques and treatments to rejuvenate and revive you from head to toe. To manipulate the tissue, stimulate circulation, and raise your metabolism, a number of massage techniques and approaches are used. Feel the knots and tension melt away with a deep tissue massage at Holistic Tikun center.


Acupuncture has been demonstrated to be useful for a range of disease studies. It is a branch of Traditional Chinese medicine that dates back thousands of years. Acupuncture points are believed to be connected by pathways or meridians in the human body, according to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. These channels allow energy to move through the body (Qi, pronounced "chee") for overall physical and emotional health. Most diseases, either physical or mental,  are caused by a block or disruption in the energy flow. 


Biomagnetic pair therapy is a natural and safe therapy that uses pairs of medium-intensity magnets to re-establish a normal cellular environment. The goal is to balance the pH level of the organism, which is a major predictor of health.

Archetypal/trangeneration psychology

A session of archetypal psychology/astrology with Daniela Abravanel can help in a single meeting to become aware of subconscious patterns, and archetypal and astrological complexes that influence our behaviors and life choices. 

In case the therapy sheds light on the role of family scripts and karma, we will make use of use strategies of Transgenerational psychology aiming to identify the patterns and unresolved traumas and conflicts of parents, grandparents, etc. In such cases, therapy will guide the patients in identifying the “unfinished business” of their ancestors and as Jung used to say, to “complete what previous generations left unsolved”....

Quantum genius- diagnosis & rebalance

Our App will analyze your voice and image and will show you all the balanced and unbalanced areas in your life; from spinal cords and organs to chakras and Hz frequencies that need rebalancing. You will then have your tune to rebalance those deficiencies as much as possible, other than having a better understanding of your current self.

Deep Tissue Massage

The Art of Tranquility

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