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“The Dance of Yin and Yang, Body and Soul in Tao and Kabbalah”




6 Days


About the Course

Welcome to our comprehensive six-day course on the evolution of the soul and its connection to the body, held in the beautiful country of Italy. This course is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of the connection between the Ling, the body, and the soul, and to explore the ancient wisdom of TCM, Tao, and Kabbalah.

The first part of the course, led by Franco Bottalo, will focus on the cultivation of the Three Treasures and how they can be used to understand who we truly are and achieve our individual destinies. You will learn about the three Dan Diens, and how they can be used to move through the experiences of life and evolve consciously. You will also discover the power of the Gallbladder as a tool to overcome fear and eliminate latencies that impede our evolution.

The second part of the course, led by Daniela Abravanel, will explore the unexpected parallels between Tao, Buddhism, and Kabbalah. You will learn about the Jewish Holidays Calendar and its connection to TCM seasons, organs, elements, and emotions, and how to apply this knowledge to your daily life. You will also discover the approach to food, sex, and rest in Maimonides, Essenes, and Kabbalist masters, and explore the connection between Judaism, Shamanism, and Ecopsychology.

Daily Qi Gong practice with Franco will center on personal growth and improving your physical and mental health and spiritual evolution. You will learn a classic style, the eight movements of the Ba Duan Jin (eight pieces of brocade), combining static positions with slow movements and precise breathing modalities.

This course offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of the body-soul connection and evolve your personal journey. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this course will provide you with the tools to cultivate the Three Treasures, overcome fear, and achieve your individual destiny. Join us in Italy for this transformative experience.

Your Instructor

Franco Bottalo

Franco’s interest in Eastern Medicine started in 1983 with Shiatsu, then moved to Chinese Medicine, first with Nguyen Van Nghi (3 Years of Acupuncture School in Italy 1986 - 1989) and then in China (in NanJing University and Hospital – 1991). In 1997 he met Master Jeffrey Chong Yuen and followed his courses in Europe on the different aspects of TCM and Alchemy - and later in New York in a one-year course on Dietary and a one-year course on Essential Oils in the alchemical tradition. Franco wrote various books on Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine, published in Italy by Xenia. He teaches extensively in Italy and in Europe.

Franco Bottalo
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